The following projects are examples of Emily’s work in research and analysis, science writing and editing, and content creation.

Research and Analysis

Healthy Beverages in Early Childhood

This consensus statement and technical scientific report set forth comprehensive recommendations from leading national health and nutrition organizations about children’s beverage consumption from birth through 5 years of age.


Shape of the Nation 2016

This report provided an update on the state of physical education and physical activity in the American education system. It is designed to inform physical education policies and practices that improve student health and well-being.


Science Writing and Editing

A Healthy Equity Approach to Obesity Efforts

This proceedings-in-brief reports an April 2019 workshop that explored health equity issues in demographic groups with above-average obesity risk and considered principles and approaches to addressing these issues within obesity prevention and treatment efforts.


Current Status and Response to the Global Obesity Pandemic

This proceedings reports an October 2018 workshop that addressed the status of the global obesity pandemic and discussed diverse approaches to manage this problem.


Dietary Reference Intakes for Sodium and Potassium

This consensus report updates the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for sodium and potassium using an expanded DRI model that includes consideration of chronic disease endpoints.


Implementing Strategies to Enhance Public Health Surveillance of Physical Activity in the United States

This consensus report develops strategies that support the implementation of recommended actions to improve national physical activity surveillance.


Content Creation

American Heart Association Center for Health Metrics and Evaluation

This is an example of content creation and coordination for a website targeting professional audiences.


Continuing Education Courses for Health Professionals

Living Healthy with Less Added Sugar


The Facts on Fats: How They Fit into Healthy Eating


"Emily is an exceptional public health expert and phenomenal science writer able to deliver results under tight deadlines. She combined these strengths with her skills in research evaluation and analysis to gracefully crystallize our program on childhood health into a compelling global case study that extended our learnings beyond the United States."

 - Diana Vaca McGhie, Global Advocacy Lead, American Heart Association

"Since meeting Emily in 2008, she has worked with me as an intern, a co-worker, and currently, a consultant. For the past few years she has been a natural extension of the AHA team as she helped us conceptualize and bring to life the website for our Center for Health Metrics and Evaluation. As she helps create and curate content for the website and communicate it with our audiences, her knowledge and comfort level with a broad variety of health topics and her dedication to keeping current with the latest research are a great asset to our work."

 - Kim Stitzel, Senior Vice President, Center for Health Metrics and Evaluation, American Heart Association

"Emily supported our research and writing needs for a project that convened an expert panel of representatives from key health and nutrition organizations to develop consensus recommendations for young children’s beverage consumption. Her well-developed skills in these areas were instrumental to the success of the project, and her previous experiences working with and engaging expert committees added to her value as a member of the project team. Emily is very responsible, always timely, and has the ability to be flexible as timelines or tasks shift throughout the project. She is delightful to work with and we look forward to continued work with her."

 - Megan Lott, Deputy Director, and Mary Story, Director, Healthy Eating Research, Duke Global Health Institute

"Emily serves as rapporteur for our workshop proceedings publications. She combines her experiences and knowledge about the science of food and nutrition-related topics with her expert writing skills to synthesize and communicate difficult and sometimes sensitive presentations and discussions to a wide variety of audiences. Emily is wonderful to work with—she is flexible, responsive, and enthusiastic about our work. As she writes, she is able to integrate our internal publication guidelines, which makes our work so much easier! All projects that she has taken on for us over the past couple of years are delivered on time and with the highest standards of quality."

Leslie J. Sim, Director, Roundtable on Obesity Solutions, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

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